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Tax Advantage offers a variety of financial consulting and advisory services to assist individuals and businesses with their financial needs. Our consulting and advisory services are customized to each client and their specific goals. Through our consulting, we strive to provide the highest value while creating long term relationships with our clients.


Beyond day-to-day business and analysis, many scenarios or problems may occur that require additional thought processes and reviews. Our professionals can offer expert advice on an array of business, accounting, financial, and tax issues, whether simple or complex. We offer our clients timely advice to help them reach their goals.

We consult and advise on: 

  • Start-up assistance
  • Business planning
  • Expansion
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Optimizing operations
  • Compliance
  • Payroll
  • IRS audit defense
  • And more! 


At Tax Advantage, our clients can count on us to help guide them through any business concern or issue. Our clients can depend on us as a business advisor to help them solve problems and grow. Our team creates a close relationship with our clients to be able to provide the best service. 


IRS and State Department of Revenue Audit Defense Services


At Tax Advantage, we work with the IRS and state taxing authorities, so our clients don’t have to. Our experts will work with our clients every step of the way until their tax issue is resolved. 


Our audit defense services include defending state and federal tax returns (even late returns), addressing tax notices, explaining options, developing a strategy, minimizing financial impact, attending all audit appointments on our client’s behalf, and more. 


We have handled clients with tax returns that need to be adjusted, corrected or had more difficult conditions like audits or tax liability obstacles. 


We can help evaluate tax notices or audit situations and give our clients a full analysis and planning approaches. 


No matter the tax issue, we work with our clients throughout the entire process to make sure the IRS is not taking advantage of any situation. We will gather the required documentation and aggressively work with the IRS or State Taxing Authorities until there is no longer an issue. 


Whether our client is a small business or an individual, they can be subject to an IRS or state audit at any time, and it can be hard to navigate through the process without tax professionals by their side who are familiar with the laws. 


We know State and Federal laws. We can help through an audit. We give our clients peace of mind before, during, and after the audit. At Tax Advantage, we aim to lower stress and time related to the audit. We will work hard during the audit to get our clients to pay the least amount of tax possible. We work hard to get the best outcome possible for our clients. 


If a client works with us regularly with other accounting or tax services, we will have prepared their records properly and they will be in good shape for an audit. However, if they are new to our firm, we will make getting their records and taxes in order a priority. If our client is up against an audit, we know all the tax issues they can possibly face. 


Why Tax Advantage? 


At Tax Advantage, we strive to help, you, our client, solve and avoid problems through an IRS audit or any other financial issue. 


Our experts work hard on your account while building a solid, lasting working relationship. 


We look forward to helping you and welcome you to learn more about how we can help. 


Tax Advantage, Inc. is located at 201 3rd St. N Jacksonville Beach, Fl 32250. To set up a consult with us, call (904) 241-0050. 

We make your business, our business